Video Games and Their Positive Effects

Video Games and Their Positive Effects

For years, it has been claimed that video games are a bad influence to the young ones. Worried parents have discouraged their kids to play these games because they fear that the latter would initiate hostile actions. This could be true in some cases but studies have shown that most hardcore gamers do not exhibit vicious behavior in real life. Furthermore, to assert that all video games contain violence and mature sexual content is an ignorant accusation. In fact, they have many good effects on gamers, young and old. Most people overlook this truth.

Video games not only provide entertainment for the self but also promote teamwork and cooperation when played with friends or family. A father could use video games to bond with his son and bring them closer together. A video game is also said to develop a child’s self-confidence as he perfects his gaming skills. His success in mastering a game builds up his self-esteem. Another สล็อต positive effect is that games contribute knowledge in certain areas and inspire new interests.

A gamer could learn more about China’s ancient history from the game series Dynasty Warriors. Similarly, video games like Mass Effect and Final Fantasy could spark a person’s interest in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. What’s more, studies show that playing video games could be a good exercise for the brain and visual skills. Researchers say that video game players have an edge over non-video game players when it comes to the visual attention ability. Furthermore, playing video games practices the user’s hand-eye coordination as he focuses on the screen while handling the joystick or controller. The results of one study prove that surgeons who play commit fewer errors than those who don’t play.

* Although games may not be the cause of teenage violence, they may still have bad effects depending on the gamer. A child’s performance in school is often affected by his video game playing. Also, a child could learn bad language from the games he plays. It is up to the parents to discipline their child, limit the time spent on playing these games, and choose which games are suitable.

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